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Globally praised for providing high-quality BLN95 Solution, Octane Enhancer, Gasoline Additive, Fuel Additive, N-Methylaniline Solution, Liquid N-Methylaniline, etc.
Jiangsu King Road New Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of Liquid N-Methylaminobenzene, Gasoline Additive, Fuel Additive, BLN95 Octane Booster - Non-Metallic Ant i-Knock Additive, and many other products.

With a high production capacity for all of the products, we smoothly and efficiently cater to the requirements of customers across the world. To fulfill the market demands with perfection, our experts utilize their years of experience, knowledge, and skills.

Backed by strong resources, we promptly respond to the market requirements and fulfill them. We directly and indirectly fulfill the requirements of a large number of global refineries, traders, and oil-service companies.

Our priority is to establish credibility

With a long-term plan to have a bright future, Jiangsu King Road New Materials Co., Ltd., became the sole and complete owner of Changzhou Baolong Chemical industrial Co., Ltd. after acquiring it. The company took complete control over its technology, production team, and management. Our company further needed talented professionals to have stable development in the future, hence hired them.
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Prestigious Manufactures

With a whopping production capacity of 120,000 tonnes, our company, King Road, stands among the top manufacturers of N-Methylaniline. We have a strict quality management and control system, which makes us the most preferred supplier of N-methylaniline in the pesticide, pharmaceutical, and other intermediate fine chemical markets. By making regular upgrades and utilizing comprehensive technical knowledge of the market, we have a production capacity that allows us to meet the growing demand from current and emerging markets.

Customer Satisfaction

We are growing in the global markets for products like Liquid N-Methylaminobenzene, Gasoline Additive, Fuel Additive, BLN95 Octane Booster - Non-Metallic Ant i-Knock Additive, etc. because of the serious attitude we carry to gain and retain the satisfaction of customers. We understand that it is the customers whose satisfaction and repeat orders play a crucial role in the continuous success of any company. To earn their trust, we ensure that only quality-approved chemical products are offered to them. Our products are provided at economical rates in sealed packs that protect them from moisture and impurities. Some other traits of our enterprise that help in gaining client satisfaction are:

  • Timely delivery of orders
  • Simple payment options
  • Transparency in deals
  • Focus on feedback.
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